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At Fast US Loans .NET, we provide a hassle-free way of getting the money you need quickly, so you can continue your day and meet any financial obligations you may have.

Fast Payday Loans in 3 Easy Steps

  • Fast Payday Loans Apply Online

    Apply Online

    • Complete the online
    • application to receive an
    • online instant loan
    • pre-approval
  • Fast Payday Loans Get Approved

    Get Approved

    • Your lender will then
    • display loan rates, terms
    • and conditions for your
    • e-signed acceptance
  • Fast Payday Loans Get Cash

    Get Cash

    • After agreed to loan terms
    • your cash will be wired
    • in your bank account in
    • less than 24 hours

Fast Payday Loans - No Faxing & No Credit Checks

Fast US Loans offers access to finding faxless payday loans online. These payday loans can range from anywhere from $100 - $1,500. Many people prefer the convenience of faxless payday loans, because they make the process of getting a payday loan much faster than having to provide physical documents. Many of the firms that we partner with, do not require you to fax any of the documents to complete your loan application - enabling you to get the cash you need, online!

Fast US Loans matches your information across the largest nation-wide network of lenders, financial institutions and banks in search of the best possible loan for your personal situation. Start the process by completing our easy loan application. Once submitted, it typically takes about 90 seconds for Fast US Loans to match your information with a lender. Once a lender is located, accept the loan and wait for the funds to be electronically deposited into your personal bank account.

While it may seem like your "bad" credit will always prevent you from having access to credit or loans of any kind, which simply isn't true. Getting approved for a fast payday loan with Fast US Loans does not involve a credit check, so "bad" credit isn't a problem. And when you get a fast payday loan and then successfully repay it on time, you are showing the credit agencies and lenders that you have turned yourself around, and can be trusted as a borrower again in the future. Payday loans not only help you today, but also in the future.

Just complete our quick, simple & cost FREE application and enjoy the fast and convenience of payday loans in a flash. Apply Online Now

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Happy Clients

Would like to thank you for your fast and easy process. Your website is so simple to navigate and your customer service agents are personable and incredibly helpful. I would recommend you to any of my friends seeking assistance.

William Conte, Seal Beach, CA, $700

As a single mother trying to take care of her kids, I was glad I found this website. I was able to borrow the money I needed and paid it back when I got my next paycheck. I was able to keep food on the table and for that I’m thankful!

Mary Perl, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, $300

Needed money fast, and these guys went out of their way to make sure all my questions were answered. Before I knew it, I had the money I needed sitting in my bank account. If I’m ever in trouble again, I know where to turn.

Charles Scott, Washington, MD, $600

I applied for a loan online and within minutes I had an approval and was able to pick up my money the next day. The experience was really good and if I ever need another payday loan I will definitely go back to Fast US Loans.

Mike Billman, Milwaukee, WI, $450

I am happy to write - thank you for the wonderful service from your team. I was in need of urgent cash but no other loan lender had given the quality service like Fast US Loans had to offer us. Thank You!

Frank Willey, New Orleans, LA, $500

Just wanted to thank you for helping me find an up-front and ethical company. There are a lot of "pay day loan" companies on the Internet who are just out to exploit people who are going through difficult times.

Angela Bishop, Lexington, KY, $350

The faxless payday loan from the company recommended by Fast US Loans was great. I was impressed with the fast approval process and the cash advance I received in the same day!

Gerald Wallace, Stlouis, IL, $750